Carry it Easy +Plus

Carry it Easy +Plus

Turn your portable storage device (e.g. USB Flash Drive, U3...

Turn your portable storage device (e. g. USB Flash Drive, U3 smart Drive, external HDD) into a powerful tool. Protect your data Backup or sync your Outlook (e-mails, contacts, calendar, etc.

) Sync your files Sync your internet favorites and compress all data to save valuable storage space. With Carry it Easy +Plus you have all the tools that you might need ready on your storage device and you can use them on any PC.

If you just go on vacation or permanently need to keep data on different PCs in sync. If you use another PC to surf the web while on the road the No Trace Browsing option gives you the option to surf the web without leaving a trace behind on the used PC.

Additionally, the data on your portable storage device is also safe in case your device gets into the wrong hands since you can choose to protect it with 128 bit AES encryption.

And in case that your device is getting lost, the integrated USB Drive Lost &Found option allows the honest finder to contact you without seeing your protected files.

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Carry it Easy +Plus


Carry it Easy +Plus

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